HEALTHY and beautiful TEETH


in safe hands - right from the start

Pretty and healthy teeth a life long.

We want to fulfill this dream for you and your family. To achieve that we spend as much time as needed for every single one of our patients and create an individual therapy concept – scientifically medical first-class level –  based on your wishes and needs.

Our high quality claims in aesthetic, quality and individual support shows our understanding of service for our patients. Ongoing further education, certifications and innovative concepts ensure our high quality standard.

Convince yourself from our service. We will be glad to meet you.


Your practice team Zahn und Zähnchen


ZAhn & Zähnchen

in safe hands, right from the start

Because our little ones are the greatest

Hello little patient,
we hope you and your small teeth are fine and you can show your pretty smile as often as possible. We do everything to ensure that your visit will be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions, we will always take the time to make sure you understand everything we explain so you don’t have to fear anything. We want to make sure that you see forward to your next appointment.

Show your pretty smile as often as you can

A kind and healthy smile does not only look pretty it also boosts your vitality. Sadly the daily dental care in form of brushing your teeth and using floss isn’t enough to maintain your pretty teeth. We offer an extensive service to give your smile a new shine. Our offers range from individual prophylaxis over high quality dentures to nearly invisible solutions for orthodontics.




Our Practice

For Kids

Hey there! My name is Meggie and together with dentist Caracas we gonna explain everything you need and want to know about the job of a dentist.
We will show you how you should brush your teeth and what exciting and funny things can happen in the practice.
So don’t worry about a visit, we are always happy to see you.


Dear parents,
we know of the fears and concerns about dentists from your children. We always ensure that your kid should have nothing to worry about when he or she visits us. Don’t bother to bring your kid with you when you have an appointment by yourself so they can get their first  good impressions.

For Adults

we provide the following services





practice services

If you want to learn more about our services in detail. Please contact us via email: or via phone 0201 / 46 33 99.

We would be happy to get to know you





Healthy and pretty teeth aren’t a question of age. Orthodontics isn’t just for kids or teenager anymore. There are plenty solutions for adults to improve the health and look of the teeth. As an example we would like to show you the Invisalign: a way to correct the teeth placement just like braces do but you can’t really see it.

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